Chipata City Council sells stadium to minister Mwale

Chipata City Council sells stadium to minister Mwale


Chipata City Council yesterday morning failed to explain and justify the sale of Old Beit Stadium to Chipangali MP Vincent Mwale. The council was this morning visited by Patrick Teleka former mayor of Chipata City Council who went to seek information from the council over the sale of the stadium to one individual.

When asked if they the council had advertised the sale of the stadium to Chipangali MP, council management had challenges to answer but only said that they advertised on radio Maria and only Chipangali MP responded to the advertising hence was given the land. What many Chipata people are wondering is how Chipangali MP who stays in Lusaka heard about the advert of selling the stadium which local people in Chipata and indeed in Eastern province did not hear or learn about the advert. Radio Maria broadcasting radius only ends in Nyimba and does not reach Lusaka.

Clear Manipulation of the public procurement process by single sourcing one person to buy the stadium. Only if Chipata central people can emmulat those from Chipangali district we cannot sale the stadium to one individual. Manje banthu bamu Chipata Bali ndwii while there land is being sold out.

chipata City Council please for the sake of peace and respect of the people don’t sale the land. Give Vincent Mwale back his dirt money which he got from the drilling rig.
Concerned chipata resident

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