Chipata not for Ngonis alone – Chewa chief

Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi of the Chewa people says Chipata does not belong to Ngonis alone.
And Gawa has called called for co-existence between his tribe and the Ngoni people in Chipata District of Eastern Province.
A day ago, Paramount Chief Mpezeni accused former president Rupiah Banda of causing confusion between Chewas and Ngonis.
Chief Gawa Undi said the two tribes should live in harmony instead of fighting over territorial boundaries.
Chewas are accusing Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngonis of creating a chiefdom within their territory.
Chief Gawa Undi said this through his advisor, Lucas Phiri in a statement.
The chief said the two tribes should learn to live side-by-side and focus on national development.
He, however, said it was wrong to suggest that Chipata District belonged to the Ngonis alone because the two tribes had shared the area from time immemorial.
“It is totally wrong for people to suggest that Chipata District belongs to Ngonis when in actual fact it is a shared land between Chewas and Ngonis. I am appealing for co-existence between the Chewas and Ngonis,” he said.

Later,  Lucas Phiri and Chief Chanje told the Zambia Daily Mail that Chipangali is not under Mpezeni.
“In the last few days, there have been a lot of comments regarding the so-called Chewa and Ngoni conflict in Eastern Province and an impression has been created that Chipangali area in Chipata is under Nkosi yama Nkosi Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people,” Mr Phiri said.
He said Chipata is a shared district between the two tribes.
“This is why there was the Chewa and Ngoni native authority in the district during the colonial era.
“Further, Gawa Undi’s residential palace is at Nyaviombo village in Chief Chikuwe’s area in Chipangali in Chipata district,” he said.
He said Chipangali is under the chiefs Chanje, Chinunda and Mwase Mphangwe.
“A small portion of the Ngoni people who were resettled in the area between 1954-1959 fall under the jurisdiction of the three chiefs,” he said.
Mr Phiri commended Government, through the police, for intervening and stopping the meeting that was scheduled to be addressed by Paramount Chief Mpezeni.

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