Chipata prostitutes cheat by using friends to test for HIV

Sex workers in Chipata are reported to be conniving with friends to test for HIV on their behalf.

This came to light during the District Epidemic Preparedness and Control meeting held at the Council Chamber   yesterday.

According to a report presented to the meeting by Corridors of Hope, the sex workers were giving their names to colleagues who they knew about their status being negative, to test for HIV.

Corridors of Hope Site Manager, Martin Bwalya, said the sex workers later presented the results to unsuspecting boyfriends, saying they were HIV negative when in fact not.

‘’ The sex workers tell their colleagues that, ‘’ You use my name to register for Voluntary Counselling and Testing because your status is negative,’’ and when the results are out, they give to their
boyfriends indicating that their status is okay when it is not,’’ he said.

And Mr Bwalya said in the second quarter of this year, most clients that his organisation received to test for HIV and Sexually Transmitted Illness (STIs) were youth aged between 16 and 24 years old and were either pupils or students.

Meanwhile, Chipata District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Kezius Lungu, said there was need for government to re-introduce boys in girls’ schools.

Mr Lungu said lack of boys in some schools was contributing to immorality in some girls’ schools, adding that the boys could act as whistle blowers to protect girls when men went for them.

He said the Ministry of Education was trying to move away from weekly boarding in some schools by constructing more schools to reduce distances covered by pupils to go to school.

Hillside Girls’ Secondary School in Chipata has reported a high number of pregnancies in the last two years

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