Chipenzi is being detained for inviting RB

All was well for Foundation For Democratic Process (FODEP) Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi until he invited former President Rupiah Banda to officiate at a FODEP launch of a programe called “Increasing Accountability and dialogue on political party manifesto fulfillment in Zambia” when things turned around. He offended the super powers of Zambia. Fred Mmembe the former employer to Chipenzi was very annoyed that Chipenzi can invite Rupiah Banda a person M’embe hates with a passion to talk about political party manifestos in Zambia.

M’membe could not believe this so he sent his Reporter Allan Mulenga to Long View Lodge to cover the event but also as way of confirming whether Banda was going to officiate at this function.

Allan Mulenga arrived at the venue around 09 hours and confirmed to his boss Mmembe that Rupiah Banda had indeed arrived and started delivering his Key Note speech.

M’embe told Allan to continue covering the event. After receiving confirmation from Allan Mulenga his employee, M’membe phoned Stella Libongani the Inspector General of Police who also happens to be President Sata’s niece because she is a niece to Inutu Suba Permanent Secretary Cabinet office. Inutu Suba is one of Sata’s concubines.

The two have a child who is mentally challenged. But Libongani also has her own personal relationship with Sata.

Any way let us not digress. Mmembe told Libongani to arrest Chipenzi but Libongani asked Mmembe on what charges. Mmembe told Libongani that he was going to call back in 30 minutes time. And for sure around 10 hours Mmembe told Libongani to arrest Chipenzi for issuing alarming statement on police recruitment. Libongani then called President Sata and it is believed by this time Mmembe had already spoken to Sata so Sata gave Libongani the go ahead.

That is how some PF cadre police officers were quickly mobilised to implement the orders. At around 11 hours a combined team of government security agents drove to Long View Lodge and picked up the FODEP Executive Director disrupting the Workshop. From that day to Press time Chipenzi has not seen his young family. At press time he together with Mr. Richard Sakala and Simon Mwanza both of the Daily Nation Newspapers are languishing at the Lusaka Magistrate Court holding cell awaiting meeting bail conditions that may not be met for now because the Magistrate says all of them should produce two sureties who work for government. Who will accept in this oppressive regime?

Had Chipenzi not invited former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda to officiate, he could have been in his office right now. The crime is INVITING RUPIAH BANDA.



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