Chipili independent MP urges Zambians to document PF corruption

Jewis Chabi

Chipili Independent Member of Parliament Jewis Chabi has challenged Zambians to document all corruption scandals that the PF government is engaged in.
Speaking when he featured on Prime TV’s ‘Oxygen of Democracy’ programme on Monday evening, Chabi charged that the PF will not survive the 2021 elections because of corrupt deals they are involved in.
He alleged that the only thing that the PF led government discusses in their meetings is how to mortgage the country.
‘Zambians should document what is happening now and use it to get rid of the PF in 2021. They feel they will be there forever,’ Chabi said.
He alleged that the government was pushing all the money they are borrowing into construction projects because that is where they are engaging in corrupt deals with construction companies.
Chabi further lamented that it was a pity that Zambians love to glorify wrong doers adding that serious people are not taken seriously by Zambians.
He condemned the PF ‘s lack of tolerance and its failure to allow opposition parties to conduct rallies and political meetings freely and wondered if the PF could have won the 2011 elections had former President Rupiah Banda treated them in the manner they are treating opposition parties.
‘RB allowed the PF to hold rallies. Was PF going to form government if they were treated the way they treat the opposition now,’ Chabi wondered adding that Zambians should liberate the country from the PF.

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