Chipimo and the change Zambia needs

We do not know whether our brother Elias Chipimo Junior is genuine or believes in what he said when he launched his party. But we know what we know and what we know is that, the criminals who run Zambia currently have a firm hold on power.

Despite failing the nation on all fronts, they will not give away that power easily. Being in power is their means of earning a living for themselves and close family members.

We sympathise with Chipimo when he says anyone who cares about this country knows that it is a country in desperate need of change.

He talks about removing structures that sustain greed, mediocrity, corruption and neglect.

Nice sounding words indeed. But we have heard such rhetoric before. They don’t change a thing.  Such soft approach can’t work for Zambia. Saving Zambia is different from proposing a virgin.

To bring about desired change in Zambia will take much more than making empty speeches and promises in hotels. The method Chipimo is proposing has failed on many occassions. There is no indication that it will work this time just because Chipimo has come in.

The MMD is a corrupt party run by corrupt misfits. They are obviously grinning at Chipimo’s pronouncements. They know it is just another political experiment bound to fail like so many others. That is if they are not the ones sponsoring it.

We are at a level where voting is a waste of time. Whether you vote for MMD or not, they will still remain in power. They have mastered this system so well.

What Chipimo is proposing is what any other character who has come on the political scene has done.

We are glad that he says he has left the comfort zone of court rooms to come in to the rough political world.  We hope he understands that saving Zambia is different from convincing one fat judge in a small room about some issue. By the way a lot of Zambian judges are corrupt and a lot of lawyers are involved in crime. But that is not what we are talking about here.

We only want to make Chipimo understand that to rescue Zambia from greedy, mediocrity and corruption will require greater sacrifice than what we are currently seeing.

Chipimo is right when he says it not only leadership at the top that needs to be changed. This country is rotten to the core. There is corruption at every level. If Chipimo wants to know the level of corruption in the Zambia police force, let him ask his spokesperson since he was once police boss.

You need to have money or political connection to get good service from the Zambian police.

The Zambia Revenue Authority is run by thieves collecting money on behalf of bigger thieves.

Go to any border and see the open corruption and bribery taking place. Does anyone care? No. No one cares. After all, they say, even if we collect this money and give it to government, government officials will steal it. So why can’t we steal it right here?

In other countries, such revenue is used to construct public infrastructure. But in Zambia, the little money that survives theft by ZRA agents is used by politicians to fly around and bribe other politicians.

And this has become normal. Everyone wants to join in this loot. Even people who are in opposition are not fighting to get in power for the right reasons. They want to be the ones in control so that they can be the ones stealing.

The church is in no better position. Pastors are stealing from their followers. Most churches in Zambia now are mere business houses presided over by thieves wearing robes.

What Zambia needs is a complete revolution. And that revolution shall not be brought about by competing with thieves at elections. They are in charge of the elections and they are the ones to announce who the winner is.

Its like you go into a boxing ring but your opponent is the one who choses the referee and is the one to announce the winner.

Elections are only meaningful when people in charge are honest and civilised. When those in power respect the wishes of the people. In Zambia we haven’t reached this level.

The Zambian leaders can afford to waste tax payers’ money because they know there will be no repurcussions.

There will be a report at the end of the day yes; but that is all it is- a report.

And Zambian rulers have no shame. They love travelling around and sight-seeing. But then one wonders how they feel when they see such nice buildings like the ones in China. How do they feel when they return to Zambia and see building like FINDECO house which looks as if it is circumsised?

Imagine a country with potholes right inside the International Airport?

It’s not like Zambia can’t afford to construct modern buildings. This country is filthy rich. We have all the material we require to embark on national construction.

The problem is that we want other countries to come and develop our country on our behalf.

But that will never happen. Hu Jintao’s priority is for China and whatever he does and says, his interest is China. If China cares so much about Zambia and wants to develop it, why are they holding on to the TAZARA loan we got 50 years ago?

It seems our rulers have been bewitched by Chinese tricks. They miss no opportunity to praise China for its freindship with Zambia.

Just because China did not close the mines in Zambia during the global financial crisis is no reason to stop thinking and handover everything to China. That is being stupid. All China did was to take a risk knowing that things will normalise in no time.  But we do not blame China. They are working for their people. And if they find a nation of fools willing to give away their wealth, why not take it?

But what this generation has done is create huge problems for future generations. You can’t have a country where all the means of production are in the hands of foreigners. Why is Zimbabwe in a mess today if we may ask?

But what does it matter to our leader and their cadres?

Zambia is not a developing nation. It is an undeveloped bush. For us to start developing something gigantic needs to happen. Something that will shake the foundation of this nation is what will jump-start us.

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