Chipimo calls for enactment of new constitution for Zambia’s restoration

National Restoration Party (NAREP) Presdient Elias  Chipimo charged that there is need to have a people driven constitution as it will help restore the value system that the nation possessed at the time of independence.

According to radio christian voice,Chipimo said the constitution is a critical as it is the highest law in the land  and only when it is enacted in accordance with the submissions of citizens can it be seen to be vital.

He bemoaned the failure by Government to deliver a new constitution through the National Constitutional Conference (NCC)  and wasting a huge sum of public resources in the process that yielded nothing but led to an impasse.

The NAREP leader said the next regime should not only provide the people  with a rule of law but should take the lead by implementing and abiding by it.

Chipimo further said the victor in the September 20 polls should ensure he develops the key sectors of nation which include health and education so that Zambia can achieve sustainable economic growth.

He said the next President must provide tangible services for all workers and inspire  Zambians in the diaspora to return home and use their expertise to contribute to national development.

Chipimo also urged his fellow political players to focus on swelling their manifestos and visions, and avoid discussing petty issues such as age limit in a presidential race as the young must learn from those ahead if they are to succeed in taking the nation to greater heights and go beyond being a middle income nation.

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