Chipimo demands audit of how PF used money from previous Eurobonds

The National Restoration Party has demanded that an audit of the Patriotic Front showing precisely what the two previous Eurobond amounts have been spent on should take place before the country’s debt ceiling is raised.

NAREP President Elias Chipimo jnr has lamented the level of debt that Zambia is incurring under the Patriotic Front’s governance. Speaking on behalf of the National Restoration Party, fresh from his tour of duty to the Northern, Copperbelt and Luapula Provinces; Mr. Chipimo registered shock and disbelief at the rising debt and highlighted how under the PF, the country had already spent K208m on bye-elections alone and had not focused on development matters. He further underscored the lack of quality leadership to drive innovation that could benefit the various provinces of Zambia by producing capital produce suited to specific environments. By example, Mr. Chipimo observed that Mongu was fertile territory for production of the highly priced Cashew nut which Zambia continues to import. Tables could be turned and Zambia, through Mongu, could become a Cashew nut export haven competing at a global level.
Listen to Mr. Chipimo here:

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