Chipimo says Zambia needs action oriented not talkative leaders

National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo has refuted reports by certain sections of society that the opposition in the country is slowly collapsing.

In an interview with HOT FM, Chipimo said the opposition needs time to reorganize itself after the September 20 polls and plan for better performance in future elections.

He disclosed that NAREP wants a shift from the idea that outspoken leaders are the real heroes that can deliver, adding that Zambia needs leaders with action plans to take the nation forward.

Chipimo noted that any political party that comes into power must be visionary and focused on developing the country and addressing the aspirations of the voters.

The NAREP leader further said it is vital for individuals in political office to always consult prior to make decisions as handling issues without the input of Zambian people and other stakeholders does not benefit them at all.

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