Chipimo maintains his position on homosexuality

National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo says his position on homosexuality and gay rights is clear and he has no reason to support such acts.

In an interview with the watchdog, Chipimo said his stance on same sex relationships can never change as his party is concerned with the well being of the Zambian people as opposed to focusing on evil acts.

He stated that individuals saying he has not voiced out on homosexuality are only trying to divert attention from the issues NAREP has been raising as the only issue-based party.

Chipimo disclosed that his personal position is that the act it is unbiblical, but wondered why for some reason, some citizens seem to be dissatisfied with his views.

He further said as society condemns individuals that practice homosexuality there is need to also castigate condemn Zambians who practice adultery and corruption as they are also against the teachings of God.

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