Chipimo questions Sata

He Who Lives by the Sword
The horrific violence the country was forced to witness yesterday between the different factions within the Patriotic Front and which has now claimed up to four lives, was both shocking and appalling. The fighting has been going on for some time now. This is its bloodiest episode so far.
The violence points to one of two things: either the republican president and his senior leaders (his so-called A-Team) see this as a legitimate method for settling Party differences or they have neither the will nor the guts to put an end to it. The lives that were lost in the carnage that ensued as different factions of the Patriotic Front sought to exert their influence or wrestle control of the Intercity Bus Terminal cannot be replaced.
We really wonder how our head of state processes all this. It is one thing to bury one’s head in the sand when people are suffering hardships as a result of erratic decision-making. It is another matter altogether when the members of your own Party are killing one another and driving fear into the hearts of innocent civilians through their persistently violent conduct.
Today, at least four families are mourning the death of a father, a son, a brother. They are mourning the death of a breadwinner. Many others that were caught in the violence are no doubt counting themselves more fortunate for having suffered injuries while escaping with their lives.
As a matter of basic dignity, honour and responsibility, any self-respecting Inspector General or Minister of Home Affairs would have resigned after yesterday’s incident. Any caring head of state would at the very least have provided assurance to the nation that the violence would be brought to a swift and uncompromising end. Not only has this not happened, it is – judging by past experience – unlikely to.
If President Sata had the same determination to put an end to the senseless violence within his own Party as he has shown towards demonstrating his power to deport the Chief Executive of our largest mine operator, the political violence we are witnessing today would be a thing of the past. We will all do well to remind our current political leadership of the Biblical warning: “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.”
Elias Chipimo
National Restoration Party
7 November 2013

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