Chipimo says PF has achieved nothing in one year

National Restoration party president Elias Chipimo Junior has charged that the Patriotic Front has been dismal in its performance during the one year they have been in power.

Mr Chipimo says the PF has failed to come up with a clear plan for the development of the country since taking over government last September.

He adds that foreign investors are also unsettled as a result of certain economic policies the government has come up with.

He has further stated that the PF is clueless on curbing unemployment among young people in the country.

Mr Chipimo says the idea of re-introducing the Zambia National Service skills training for school leavers is simply a gimmick to buy time.

He wonders how government is going to fund the ZNS skills training and what jobs will be available after the youth have completed the training.

Mr Chipimo was speaking on Muvi TV’s the Assignment last evening monitored byF QFM.

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