Chipimo says Zambians will elect leader from younger generation

National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo says the forthcoming presidential election is not an ordinary one.

Mr. Chipimo says when people cast their vote on polling day, they will be a making a spiritual decision.

Mr. Chipimo says people will be deciding whether to choose a destiny ordained by God or to choose to continue to live as slaves in their own country.

He states that it is thus for this reason he thinks that people should not fear to choose as God will direct them.

The NAREP leader notes it is thus time to go boldly and proclaim to every Zambian that in this jubilee year a leader of a young generation has arisen with an anointing to free the people from the bondage of poverty.

He says it is this leader that will also stand in the gap for every Zambian.

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