Chipimo sponsored by MMD, claims UPND

UPND national youth chairman Joe Kalusa’s has been quoted by the Post newspaper saing the newly formed National Restoration Party (NAREP) has been sponsored by the MMD to destabilise the PF-UPND pact.

“I am concerned that this new party is trying to use our symbol. They have a stretched arm with a raised thumb put on the left hand side of the chest. In the background, the hand is so visible and they are using the colour orange,” he said.

“Let them re-look at their symbol even as they launch their party. There are so many symbols that they can use in this world, they can use an elephant or a crocodile. We know that all these are Chiluba’s gymnastics.”

Kalusa charged that the use of a symbol similar to UPND was meant to hoodwink voters into accidentally voting for the new party.

“We are wondering why they want to destabilise the pact when they should be fighting MMD which has failed to deliver according to people’s expectations. They should know that this pact between UPND and PF is people-driven,” said Kalusa.

“Some of our members have attended their meetings and we are fully aware of what they are up to.”
And Mission Press director Fr Miha Drevensek has castigated politicians against using the church as a ladder for political mileage.

Source: Post newspaper

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