Chipimo: there is too much fear in country

Chipimo: there is too much fear in country

Elias Chipimo says there is so much tension and fear in the country such that people are looking over their shoulders in everything they do.

Chipimo said this on Thursday when one of the callers on Hot FM’s Hot Seat Programme where he was the guest refused to disclose his name before making a contribution.

Even after the presenter of the programme Zachariah Chavula pressed him to reveal his name, the caller declined.

Anonymous when we are discussing something this important? We are not talking politics here so why would you hide your name? Zambia is a free country. I am usually not comfortable when we are discussing such kind of topics and people refuse to disclose their names,
Chavula said.

But Chipimo said he understood why the caller refused to reveal his name.

I know where you are coming from, there is so much tension and people are looking over their shoulders. I understand why Zack wants your name but I also understand and it’s clear that there is fear going on in the country,
Chipimo said.

And Chipimo, who took time to explain NAREP’s Twenty Per cent Generation (TPG) platform, said the plan aimed to make every Zambian prosperous by creating an abundance of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses that would contribute to taxes and economic growth.

NAREP was calling for the establishment of a historic movement called the Twenty Per cent Generation platform (TPG).

Under TPG, all public institutions and agencies would be required by law to set aside 20 per cent of public procurement contracts for the exclusive benefit of the youth, women and vulnerable groups. This includes every type of purchase; fuel and chemicals; agricultural commodities (fruits vegetables, beans and mealie-meal); stationery supplies; uniform and clothing; vehicles; equipment; use of official accommodation; cleaning services while car hire will be procured for public institutions by ordinary Zambians.

“The easiest thing for me would have been to sell my party to PF and say let me just get my dollars and let me just endorse everything these guys have done or maybe let me stand as an MP on the PF ticket, and yes I would have passed if I had gone there to challenge the selection. Instead of Mr [Brian] Mundubile out in Mporokoso, it could well have been Mr Elias Chipimo…that offer was there. But I didn’t get into politics so that I could become rich or make money. No, I got into politics because I believe that we can make a difference with the different kind of politics,” Chipimo said.

One that’s not based on insults, one that’s not based on pride, one that’s not based on generating additional tension that this country doesn’t need. But one that is based on focusing on what does every Zambian think they can contribute to for the benefit of all. I believe that the TPG plan can work and help us all.

He said his confidence was in the Zambians and not the politicians.

“I believe in the Zambians. This is going to require a lot of sacrifice and determination and that is what I am ready to put in. My intention is that I want to see that man who is sitting in a bar because he has got nothing to do all day, hustling to find the next place where he is going to find a K50 just for that day. I am thinking about that girl who is sitting in a home needing just a K100 for transport. I am thinking of that woman who has to walk past through that snake infested foot path in order to deliver a child and she is fined K80 if she delivers at home, money that she can’t find,” said Chipimo.

“I am thinking of power teachers who are in those rural communities trying to make ends meet. Those are the people that I believe in; the people cleaning cars just outside, the people in the markets flashing T-Bone daily trying to attract customers…those are the people I am thinking about because they are working hard. They are trying to do something. They are not thinking of going to steal. And every Zambian says let us embrace this thing; no government will be able to stand against them. The government won’t do anything until they see that the people want it. That is why this appeal is going to the people. I know that the government is listening.”

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