Chipimo troubled by propaganda on Chief Justice

National Restoration party president Elias Chipimo Junior says he is deeply troubled by calls for the Chief Justice to resign.


Mr. Chipimo says the unfolding events in the judiciary can be likened to the type of propaganda that was perpetrated by the previous MMD administration prior to the 2011 elections, which led to the downfall of the MMD.

Mr. Chipimo says with limited alternative media, the signs do not look good for Zambia’s fledgling democratic credentials.

He points out that his party has asked the Director of Public Prosecutions to resign because he is personally embroiled in a politically-charged debt claim in excess of K14 billion to a state owned entity and is presiding over an institution that is granting nolle prosequi’s in respect of a man whose bank is owned millions of dollars by the DPP or companies in which the DPP has major shareholding.

Mr. Chipimo says the Chief Justice has only two months to serve under his current contract stating that his resignation now would put undue pressure on the Judiciary at a time when alleged intimidation tactics from the current Government are already highly evident.

He says the Judiciary no doubt needs reform and cleansing from corruption but that so does the legal fraternity and the Government itself.

Mr. Chipimo says the full truth regarding secret prison visits and whether these were by a Judge or a lawyer masquerading as a judge will no doubt emerge and it will be clear then as to who has really been behind the shielding of fugitives from justice.

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