Chipimo wants Malawian Judge Chikopa to go back and stop wasting Zambian money

OPPOSITION NAREP leader Elias Chipimo has asked Malawian High Court judge Lovemore Chikopa to immediately leave Zambia and return when the tribunal he was appointed to chair starts its sittings.

Of late, some stakeholders have been calling on government to let Judge Chikopa to leave Zambia pending the outcome of the case in which High Court judges Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna have challenged President Micheal Sata’s decision to suspend them and the settting up a tribunal to probe them.

Chikopa is staying and one of the country’s best Hotels Intercontinental at taxpayers expense.

According to Chipimo, the continued stay in Zambia of Judge Chikopa despite uncertainties as to when the tribunal on the 3 suspended judges will start sitting is a drain on national resources. He added that even the Zambian judges who are sitting on the tribunal and currently being hosted by the State should return to their respective homes.

Said Chipimo: “If that ruling is going to be delivered after a week or longer, then it will probably makes sense if there is anybody who is sitting on that tribunal who is currently hosted by the state… that will include the Malawian judge that it will spare the State resources if they stood down because they are not able to sit until the court makes a decision.”

“Judge Chikopa should probably go back to Malawi and return pending the outcome of the tribunal decision by the judge.”

Lusaka High Court Judge Fulgency Chisanga Friday morning set 24th May as the date for ruling on the application by the State to have the injunction against the tribunal appointed to investigate three suspended Judges dismissed.

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