Chipuba Yamfwa Mukanga annoys Zambia Railways workers

Zambia Railways workers countrywide are annoyed by the arrogance exhibited by transport minister Yamfwa Mukanga in paying them their Railway Systems Zambia (RSZ) separation packages.

Recently Mukanga whom President Sata personally called an idiot, told parliament that there was no urgency in paying the separation packages to the ex RSZ employees some of whom have been retired while others have died.

From the numerous loans that the PF government has been getting, they promised to set aside some money to pay off the former RSZ workers but in the engagement letter, Zambia Railways made a disclaimer that all liabilities accrued under RSZ concession was not their baby.

The move has annoyed the workers who are living under anguish and have threatened a countrywide strike action which will paralyse all operations of the railway company but as usual Sata’s fat idiot Mukanga is not concerned.

UPND central province youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe said Mukanga’s action was a typical sign that the PF government had lamentably failed and that his party will use the failure to pay the workers as a campaign tool in the forthcoming Kabwe’s Highridge ward by election where PF is poised to lose again.

Mwanakampwe said if Mukanga’s fatness was irritating the President, he must not vent his anger and inability to rule on the hopeless railway workers.

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