Chirundu headteacher reported to police for allegedly stealing over K100 Million

Police in Chirundu are sitting on a formal complaint by teachers that K100 million has been stolen from Chirundu high school.

According to information leaked to the Watchdog, the prime suspect in the theft is the head teacher of Chirundu High school Arnold Mumba.

It is believed that that Mumba and others collected this money as vehicle fund from pupils in the period 2008 to 2011 but upto now the said bus has not been bought.

When irate parents and teachers comforted Mumba, he is said to have told them that he only had K18 million which he has already spent on a lab project.

One parent explained that Chirundu High school admits a minimum of 100 pupils per grade each year and that there are three grades 10, 11 and 12.

The source explained that each pupil pays K150, 000.

The headmaster Mumba claimed that he did not collect all the money but parents say no pupil is admitted to grad 10 at this school without paying this money.

Parents are also accusing the Siavonga District Board Secretary( DEBS) of shielding Mumba  by extend his retirement date as he was supposed to have had retired in January 2012 .

The DEBS is believed to have participated in squandering the Chirundu high school vehicle fund.

Sources say that despite the matter being reported to the police, no action is being taken.

The parents are therefore planning to demonstrate from Mtendere hospital to the police where they expect the police officer in charge to tell them why he has not done anything when the matter  was reported to him direct and to the D.I.O (O.o.P) and the Siavonga DC.

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