Chirundu vendors sell stool to Zim travellers

Chirundu vendors sell stool to Zim travellers


Zambian Vendors at the Chirundu border post linking Zimbabwe and Zambia have been selling human stools to travellers after the northerly neighbour resorted to making people take laxatives in a bid to deal with a cholera outbreak, according to Zim media.

Laxatives accelerate intestinal transit‚ which helps speed up the movement of the digestive tract to spur a bowel movement. They are often used to treat constipation‚ a condition characterized by infrequent‚ difficult and sometimes painful bowel movements.

Travellers going into Zambia would queue outside a makeshift health check near a toilet‚ where officials would test their stools for cholera.

The situation was particularly hectic on Monday morning when members of an apostolic sect were asked to take the tablet that caused them to visit the toilet. No sample tested positive for the disease.

Little did Zambian officials know‚ however‚ that enterprising vendors were taking advantage of those who wanted to avoid the inconvenience of taking laxatives and had set up shop.

“I just can’t take laxatives when travelling; who does that? You won’t get a once off running tummy but you are almost confined to a toilet all day as your bowels tend to be very loose. In as much as it was unthinkable‚ I paid $5 to buy a teaspoonful of stool and it was tested and I passed through‚” said a cross-border trader‚ who wouldn’t be named.

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