Chisamba villagers face displacement

Dear Editor,
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I would like to bring to your attention the pending displacement of over 5000 Kamaila villagers in Katuba constituency, Chisamba. Villagers have been living in the forest reserve for many years, From Mwanawasa to Sata, all these, before their deaths had promised the settlers to degazette the land and give it to them, something of which only Guy Scott did during his short stint as acting President.

Since degazetting of the land in question, The settlers have been waiting for ministry of land and government to formalize there stay and give titledeed like they did to the people who lived in the forest reserve on the copperbelt recently. However, government through Chisamba council has not considered the people on the ground and are going ahead to give land to some pf cadres without due consideration to the plight of settlers on the ground.The question government needs to ask itself is, Where will these settlers take there animals? And where will they go, if displaced?
PF cadres and statehouse staff have already given themselves land on the same area occupied by poor villagers.

Judge Ngoma has himself already been given title for the same kamaila land and that was immediately after degazetting yet some other poor villagers have been denied title yet they have developed there areas too could it be because they are not connected to the system? Lucky Mulusa also has been given land behind Kamaila hill. With the scramble for Kamaila land by cadres, My question is where does PF think the villagers will go to, where will they find fields for cultivation this season now since government is busy demacating the same land. Government needs to put interest of the poor before anything else.

Edgar can for once act right especially after prayers and listen to the villagers plight in kamaila.
In the meantime Chief Mungule has tried to reach out to Edgar so that villagers are not displaced, unfortunately she has been put on waiting list as EL is not ready to meet her to resolve the matter.
God hear the people’s prayers to preserve there land.

Thank you,
Poor Citizen

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