Chishimba demands five year audit of RDA

16174831_1211927085592816_145413814673580224_nThe United Progressive People (UPP) says it has morning submitted a letter to the Auditor General to ask for a five year forensic audit of the Road Development Agency (RDA). If the Auditor General does not act within the specified period of time, we shall seek an order of the court to cause the execution of this exercise.

On a facebook paost, UPPD leader Saviour Chishimba expalined that  audit must include a detailed review of all the companies that were awarded contracts during the period under review. The shareholders of each and every corporation must also be documented.

Meanwhile, UPP says it will  be providing credible evidence and leads to the ACC on how politicians and other senior government officials have been using RDA to loot.

‘We have unveiled a detailed and complex matrix which officials have been using to plunder public resources since 2012. This advanced matrix led to the depletion of our reserves and the huge contraction of debts that our nation witnessed during the same period,’ Chishimba said.

He explained that, immediately after the 2011 elections, the PF Government brought the running of RDA under the purview of State House.

‘Our evidence shows that a larger percentage of the billions of dollars in offshore accounts and assets have been looted from RDA projects.

‘We urge all Zambians to arise and be part of the petition to ask for the help of the international community to bring back the taxpayers money that the corrupt leaders have looted. We are targeting to collect over one million signatures from citizens.’

Chishimba said Corruption has reached alarming proportions under the MMD-run PF Government. Money is circulating in few corrupt pockets at a time when Zambians are being subjected to paying high direct and indirect taxes.

Businesses are folding and the level of unemployment is skyrocketing due to corrupt practices in government. Genuine businesses cannot get opportunities because decision makers want their pockets to be powered at every opportunity they have.

We urge His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu to ensure that State House has nothing to do with RDA and to stop sealing public contracts at House House. RDA is the most corrupt statutory body in Zambia. Further, the President must fire all the corrupt ministers and public officers with immediate effect. There are many reports on his table that need to be acted upon.

God bless our nation!

Saviour Chishimba

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