Chishimba exposes Zamtel internal theft using Access Bank credit cards

Chishimba exposes Zamtel internal theft using Access Bank credit cards

We, in the UPP, have consistently called for political will to drive the anti corruption crusade in Zambia, but the involvement of state managers in the very acts of corruption has been a blow to our noble efforts.

The rot in ZAMTEL has reached a crisis proportion. Apart from the K140 million procurement scandal, which has thrown ZAMTEL into financial doldrums, we note that senior managers have been abusing the Access Bank credit card facility.

A review of transaction histories in respect of credit cards, which are issued to management staff, reveals that nearly all the purchases that managers make have nothing to do with the official business of ZAMTEL.

Let’s take card number 407586xxxxxx4208, for example, what official meetings did this card holder (manager) have in Shoprite, massage parlours overseas, Disneyland (overseas), Edgars Store, among other places? There are many repeated purchases in places where an official meeting cannot reasonably take place – an official meeting in a spa (massage parlour) or supermarket?

Worse enough, apart from the huge purely personal purchases, there are also various cashgates (cash withdrawals) at various ATMs involving several cards held by management staff.

The infamous corruption industry, under the PF-MMD Regime, has spread across all sectors. These funds which are being plundered by few individuals can be spent on the much needed recapitalisation projects of ZAMTEL.

As we have said before, tens of thousands of jobs for the unemployed youth can be created by the strategic repositioning of ZAMTEL. This measure also includes making the corporation an industry leader in telecommunications and internet services.

In our capacity as taxpayers, we shall be announcing other measures that are on our table for action to save ZAMTEL.

Meanwhile, we call for the following:

1. Immediate suspension of the credit card facility;

2. Forensic audit of the K140 million 2013 procurement saga and all credit card transactions;

3. Suspension of the Acting CEO and all senior directors; and

4. Immediate commencement of investigations by the ACC. We shall submit the evidence to investigators.

Our public whistleblowing method is meant to encourage all Zambians to join the crusade against corruption.

God bless our nation!

Saviour Chishimba

#UPP: #Dignity & #Justice for #All!

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