Chishimba was released as Lungu feared he will expose his theft

Chishimba was released as Lungu feared he will expose his theft

Further details have  emerged on why  Edgar Lungu told the Police to release  UPP President Saviour Chishimba and drop all  charges.

State House went into panick mode after realising that Dr. Chishimba was ready to defend himself on a pleading of truth that could have opened a Pandorax box.

There are two reasons why State House grew  cold feet.

Reason No 1.

Intelligence reports reaching State House was that Dr.Chishimba was going to use the court appearance to expose Edgar Lungu and his Minions’ corruption just like Fred Mmembe, Edith Nawakwi and Dipak Patel did under Late President Fredrick Chiluba’s reign.

For the uninitiated, during Chiluba’s days Mmembe, Nawakwi and Dipak Patel called Chiluba a ‘thief.’.

Just like Edgar Lungu, under the advise of Erick Silwamba then as Presidential Affairs Minister and Bonaventure Mutale then as Attorney General, Chiluba arrested  the trio. In court, the three pleaded justification of truth. In simple terms, they justified why they called Chiluba a thief. That is how the abuse of the Zamtrop an account run by the Office of the President was revealed later under Levy Mwanawasa. By now you know what happened Chiluba and all his Service Chiefs were prosecuted for corruption including businessmen like Faustin  Kabwe and Aaron Chungu not forgetting Richard Sakala the owner of the state controlled Daily Nation Newspaper.

This history is what has sent chilling fear into State House. According to our senior intelligence source, Dr. Saviour Chishimba was ready to justify why he told Lungu that Zambia was not his Mother’s or Father’s bedroom where he can do whatever pleases him.

Dr. Chishimba was ready to give details of the State Lodge Mansions built for Lungu by Avic International a Chinese company that has monopolised construction tenders in Zambia. The source says Dr. Chishimba the former Kasama Central Member of Parliament has a detailed  dozzier on Lungu and his minions’ plunder of national resources that he could have laid bare.

” The mansions in State Lodge are believed to be worth K20 million,” the source said.

The source further said Saviour Chishimba was also going to use the court appearance to reignite debate on The Malawi Maizegate scam which Zambia’s toothless Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) says is closed. This scam also involves State House and Agriculture Minister Mrs. Dora Mubalama Siliya.

The second issue that made State House have sleepless  nights despite having all that can make them sleep one week in advance is the Status of Saviour Chishimba. Apparently Saviour Chishimba’s Mother is Chieftainess Mumbi Mukulu. The Chieftainess is also called the King Mother. This means that traditionally he is the Mother to all the Chiefs under the Bemba Royal Establishment including Paramount Chief Chitimukulu. The King Mother plays a pivotal role in the Kusefya Pa N’gwena Traditional Ceremony of the Bemba speaking people that will be held this Saturday. State House was dead scared of the possible backlash from the Bemba Royal Establishment. ” Imagine if Saviour Chishimba’s mother protested right there at the Ceremony and she may have gathered support from other chiefs” the source said. Edgar Lungu will this Friday leave for Kasama for a two day official visit which includes the commissioning of the Nseluka Kayambi Road and officiating at the Kusefya Pa N’gwena traditional ceremony. That is what our source tells us about the release of Saviour Chishimba. He has survived by the bell because he has information on these thugs. Haven’t you observed that he even dares them? Information is Power.

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