Chitala, Sakala launch radio stations

Former Ambassador to Libya Mbita (Derrick) Chitala has opened a radio station in Lusaka and calls it “Pan African Radio’.

And Former State House spokesperson Richard Sakala has also opened a radio station called ‘Millennium Radio and is test transmitting at 90.5 FM.

Chitala’s radio is test transmitting at 105.1 FM and looks like it will be a talk-show station where most of the time will be dedicated to debates and discussions.

It is not yet clear whether Chitala’s radio is linked to his Pan Africa ideas of making Africa one country.

On February 1, 2008, late president Levy Mwanawasa fired Chitala as ambassador to Libya for his views on establishing a Union Government of Africa.

Chitala appeared to have been supporting Libyan president Mu’ammar al-Qa???f?’s call to immediately establish a union government.

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