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Chitala says President Banda should go

Mbita Chitala

No amount of political intimidation will stop the people of Zambiafrom demanding for a change of government, says Mbita Chitala.

Chitala who is former Zambian ambassador to Libya in the late president Levy Mwanwasa’s regime said President Rupiah Banda must realize that Zambians are fade up with the kind of leadership he is providing, hence the demand for meaningful political change.

“I get surprised to hear President Banda talking about his popularity, just a few days ago he was in Maamba where he gave houses at low prices of about K300, 000, it was just a gimmick of wooing people to vote for him, it was a campaign gimmick but congratulations to the people of Maamba who turned up to tell him that time is up for you RB to continue,” said Chitala.

He said President Banda was running a falling government which needs to be replaced by a credible and organized leadership.

“Zambia has no shortage of leaders, so why telling the people that these cannot lead you, Zambia has both categories young and old but intelligent and experienced leaders who can properly deliver the economical emancipation the people of Zambia have been crying for a long time now,” he said.

Chitala said President Banda and the MMD government should accept that Zambians are still leaving in abject poverty as evidenced by lack of employment among young people.

“This government has failed to provide meaningful leadership in terms of providing relief to the people of Zambia by creating jobs for our young people, this has resulted into increased disobedience among young people because they have nothing to keep them busy,” said Chitala.

He said corruption was another element President Banda has failed to show leadership on both in government and in the private sector.

“The head of state himself has been mentioned in acts of corruption, you remember the issues of Dora Siliya and ZAMTEL, the president was mentioned together with his children, the president has also been accused of intervening in the judicial process of this country especially in matters where he has personal interests, so you cannot run a country like that and no wonder today people are saying Rupiah Banda must go and rest such that we try others,” said Chitala.

Chitala appealed to Zambians to remain focus ahead of the election and denounce political parties promoting violence.

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