Chitalu Chilufya cheats courts again

Chitalu Chilufya cheats courts again


*** As complainant says even Jesus only appointed relatives

In yet another fake court case aimed at hoodwinking the public, Former Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya and the Ministry’s Former Permanent Secretary Kakulubelwa Mulalelo have been discharged of corruption allegations in connection the Honey Bee Drugs scandal.

Ms. Mulalelo’s Lawyer PF’s Tutwa Ngulube has comfirmed saying his client and 8 others have been set free by Lusaka Magistrate, Chilando Chibabula.

Mr. Ngulube says the ‘acquittal’ is because the complainant in the matter, Lusaka Lawyer Joseph Chirwa decided to withdraw the matter after being allocated.

What this means is that the thieves have not been acquitted. They have just been discharged meaning that then can be arrested when a serious complainant takes up the matter.

In the current fake court process, the complaint is a joke called Joseph Chirwa. Joseph Chirwa is the guy speaking In the attached video asking people of Eastern province to vote for president Lungu because he is also from Eastern province.

According to Chirwa, even Jesus was a tribalist and only appointed fellow Jews.

The people who were discharged alongside the two former government officials are Honey Bee Pharmacy Limited, Ministry of Health Procurement Officer Wilson Lungu, Zamra Director Procurement Officer Bonaventure Chilinde , Zakir Husen Motala , Chomba Kaoma, imran Lunat and Abdurrauf Abdurahim Motala of Honey Bee Pharmacy.

This is in a case they were purportedly facing six counts of willful failure to comply with the law and applicable or guidlines relating to procurement, obtaining a pharmaceutical license without complying with lawful authourity, uttering false documents among other charges relating to the procurement and supply of defective products to the ministry of Health.

Lusaka Magistrate Chibabula Chinuda discharged all the accused after the complainant in the matter who is a Lusaka lawyer Joseph Chirwa decided to withdraw his complaint after the matter was allocated on January 19, 2021.

That was the main aim of the whole drama, to give it a semblance of court process then withdraw it so that the thieves are not genuinely prosecuted.
But they have missed it. A court can only acquit on merit. In this case there has been no prosecution so the matter can be started afresh.

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