Chitalu Chilufya demands $50 million from ACC

Chitalu Chilufya demands $50 million from ACC


*** And the saddest part is that these PF controlled institutions like the judiciary, DPP can actually give him that money. One can just tell from the way PF cadres at ZNBC are excitedly airing this news.

Former Health Minister CHITALU CHILUFYA has given a 3-day ultimatum to the Anti Corruption Commission -ACC- to pay him 50 million United States dollars for unlawful prosecution.

Dr. CHILUFYA says failure to pay him will compel him to use the available platforms to seek redress.
He says the money demanded is for the damage caused to his reputation which he has built over the years.
Dr CHILUFYA who is also Mansa Central Member of Parliament says the ACC allegedly opted to prosecute him despite knowing that he was innocent.
He says this can be confirmed by the audio recording allegedly involving ACC Officers which he has handed over to his lawyers.
Dr. CHILUFYA says prior to his arrest the ACC issued a number of media statements suggesting that he had committed an offence when NOT.
This is according to a letter dated 9th November 2021 addressed to the Attorney General and The ACC Director General.
The letter has been written by TUTWA NGULUBE and Company Legal Practitioner who are representing the former health minister.


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