Chitalu Chilufya justifies transportation of ‘covid 19’ samples on public bus as 5 new cases are recorded


Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has justified the transportation of covid 19 samples from Zambezi on a public bus claiming there was no threat to passengers and that it was normal practice for the health Ministry to transport samples using public transport.
This follows the death of 24 year old Ian Chali Mutambo, a Laboratory Technician at Zambezi District Hospital who died in the Power Tools bus accident yesterday morning in Manyinga, North Western Province while transporting suspected covid 19 samples from Zambezi for testing.
Dr Chilufya claimed that there was no threat to the passengers on the bus because the samples were packaged in a triple layer and that the cooler box containing the samples was isolated.
He further said a decision was made that Ian uses public transport because all the vehicles for the Hospital in Zambezi were being used for referrals and further said it was not the first time that medical samples have been transported using public transport.
He however did not indicate whether the samples were recovered from the accident scene after the bus plunged into the Kabompo river killing four passengers.
Government continues to receive millions of Kwachas as covid 19 donations yet they fail to secure proper transportation of covid 19 samples.

Meanwhile Chitalu Chilufya has announced that the country has recorded 5 new covid 19 cases from 926 tests conducted in the last 24 hours.
The new cases involve one (1) foreign truck driver, one (1) case from Kafue and three (3) cases from Lusaka. Active cases are now 43 with 78 recoveries after 3 were discharged today while cumulative cases are 124. One patient was transferred from Lusaka to Kabwe were the family is located

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