Chitalu Chilufya sponsors thugs to attack Kalaba

Chitalu Chilufya sponsors thugs  to attack Kalaba

Now violent PF attack Kalaba


*_PF should keep their demon of violence off DP*_

19 October 2019

A few hours after the National Day of Prayer and Reconciliation, PF is at it again in Nchelenge where Minister of Healthy Chitalu Chilufya ferried cadres from Mansa to attack DP President Harry Kalaba in Nchelenge after realising that he was taking center stage in the area.

Mr Chilufya worked hand in hand with the Deputy permanent secretary for Luapula in executing this evil act. Anthony Malama MP for Nchelenge was also party of the team.

The cadres had the audacity to use government vehicles with Number Plates 922 CP and 642 CP.

They have since damaged one car for the DP and injured DP Luapula Provincial IPS.
The matter has since been reportd to the police in Nchelenge.

However, three of our people have been arrested and changed with conduct likely to breach peace. How do you charge people that are victims without even interrogating them?

As DP we would like to warn Chitalu Chilufya and the PF to keep their demon of violence off the DP and keep their lane and not dare us any further.

We are not a violent party and hence PF should keep their dirty politics to themselves.

Issued by

Judith Kabemba
DP Spokesperson

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