Chitambo MP confirms being beaten by Kaizer Zulu

Chitambo MP confirms being beaten by Kaizer Zulu

Chitambo PF member of parliament Chanda Mutale has confirmed that President Edgar Lungu’s aide Kaizar Zulu beat him up last night.

And Lusaka Province police commissioner Nelson Phiri said police have received the complaint filed against Zulu and are investigating the matter.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Mutale said he has already been to the hospital and has reported the matter to the Central police in Lusaka.

Mutale said Kaizar, in the company of other thugs, heabutted him on the nose, causing him to bleed profusely.

Narrating how the whole incident unfolded, Mutale said he received a call from him friend Duncan Zulu who invited him for a drink up and Chicago. He said a few moments after arriving at Chicago, a swam of thugs whom he suspected to be UPND cadres appeared, forcing him and his colleague to change their tables. He said noticing danger, he sent a text message to Police Inspector general Kakoma Kanganja allaying him of the danger, and that he also sent another message to Lusaka Province PF youth chairperson Daniel Kalembe, who sent in a few reinforcements. He said after the situation had calmed downed, he and his friend decided to go home, but on leaving the place they met Kaizar by the gate, who convinced them to tarry a bit and they obliged.

Mutale said during their drink up, Kaizar asked him why he had not informed people on their agreement that PF general secretary Davies Mwila was going to challenge President Edgar Lungu for the presidency at the convention.

He said Kaizar also brought in another topic that he needed to meet up with him on his boat, and attempted to give him K150 to use for transport to Kafue so that they could have some private conversation. But on refusing to get the money, Kaizar then opened up, telling him that as provincial chairperson for Central Province he should ensure that he made it possible for Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) to be allowed access to the convention arena.

Mutale said he told Kaizar that he was merely a provincial chairperson, saying the only one who could respond to such matters was Mwila himself.

He said from nowhere, Kaizar shouted orders to his followers to beat him up accusing him of having insulted the President. Mutale narrated that the thugs followed the orders in an instant and started beating him up, saying in the ensuing melee, Kaizar head butted him twice on the nose, causing him to bleed profusely. He said he would have been beaten to death had it not been for some reinforcements sent by Kalembe, who rescued him and took him to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH). He said on arriving at UTH, he found Kaizar and his followers there, saying they wanted to finish him off but could not proceed because matters quietened up after Davies Mwila arrived on the scene.

He said after he was attended to and obtained the medical report, he decided to report the matter to the police, but on reaching the police station, he found Kaizar there again.

“I don’t know how he managed to get there ahead of me. He was even beating on the table that ‘arrest him, he has insulted the President’,” narrated Mutale.

Efforts to talk to Kaizar have proved futile as his mobile phone is off.

And Central Province PF youth chairperson Alice Boka has described Kaizar as an evil man, warning that the youths from the province would go for him.

“We are coming for you even to remove you from your own bedroom. Kaizar you think you are clever, with Central we are not goung to spare you because you have proved to be a snake you devil,” said Boka .

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