Chitika and anti-Bemba song

There is no anti-Bemba or anti-Tonga or anti- any tribe song anywhere in Zambia.
We have read stories elsewhere that there is a song in Tonga which says Bembas are devils. We have tried to lay our hands on that song but we have failed to find it.
A check by the Watchdog in all the radio stations in Zambia and other places found that there is no song purporting to insult one tribe in Zambia.

As far as we know, only Elizabeth Chitika knows about this song as she is the sole source of the information. From the way Chitika is putting it, the song is in bad taste and actually borders on criminality. It is hate speech. It seeks to put one tribe against another. This kind of rubbish should never be entertained in Zambia. But this is not the kind of thing that should be left to die a natural death. It is dangerous to the unity of the country.

In our view, if there is such a song, the police must move in and bring to book the devils who want to bring chaos in the country. We are surprised that the police have not moved in up to now.

Conversely, if there is no such song, then Elizabeth Chitika is preaching and spreading hate speech and she must be made to account. It is a crime to spread hate speech. Chitika must report to the matter to the police and show them a copy of the song she is talking about. We are sure most Zambians wish to know the truth. If Chitika does not report to the police and provide the police with the evidence, then the people who have been implicated in this matter must report Chitika to the police. We have read that Chitika is linking the song to the UPND. The UPND is legal person and can sue and make a complaint to the police in its own name. That is why they have a secretary general. If the UPND fails to deal with this matter, then the public will be entitled to conclude that they are sponsoring this song if it exists.
All we are saying is that, Chitka must report this matter to the police if she has that song. If she doesn’t, then it is her who is spreading hate speech and must be reported to the police.
Besides, even if such a song existed, we do not think it reasonable to say that the whole of Southern Province is guilty.

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