Chitimukulu asks RB to arrest chief Chimbuka

President Banda with Chitimukulu and his wife

President Banda with Chitimukulu and his wife

Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people has asked the government to arrest chief Chimbuka for ‘masquerading as a chief.”
Chief Chimbuka on Saturday was quoted saying that Chitimukulu’s support for the MMD is driven by poverty.
Chitimukulu told President Banda Sunday (today) morning that Chimbuku was not a chief but a mere headman but was going about saying he is a chief.
This was when president Banda visited Chief Chitimukulu at his palace. President Banda is in Kasama to campaign for MMD candidate Burton Mugala in the Kasama parliamentary bye-election.

According to the Post of Saturday Chimbuka said that:

“They [Chiefs]are not the ones ruling, they are being ruled because of poverty. They want to kneel to those in politics so that they could be given something to buy soap. But those chiefs forget about the people they rule to say ‘have the people we keep eaten?’ All the chiefs, including Chitimukulu, including the sub-chiefs, it’s all the same. Isabi nga lyalibola kumutwe ninshi nakuchipepe kwine lyalibola [if the head of the fish is rotten, it means the whole body is rotten],” chief Chimbuka said. “Please, we are asking you Chitimukulu, don’t be ruled, you must rule. Chiefs are not ruled, they rule. [Chief] Mwamba tulekulomba, wilatekwa, uleteka [chief Mwamba, we are asking you, don’t be ruled. You must rule].”

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