Chitimukulu tells Chama to leave Bembas out of his tribalism

Chitimukulu tells Chama to leave Bembas out of his tribalism

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga of the Bemba speaking people has distanced Bembas from comments made by PF Secretary General Davies Chama.



Chief Chitimukulu has said that he will not entertain people that engage in divisive politics.

The traditional leader has strongly condemned people bent on promoting tribal politics in the country.

Speaking through the Bemba Royal Establishment, spokesperson James Mulenga, the Paramount Chief has urged Zambians to advocate for peace and unity in the country.

The traditional leader also urged political players in the country to promote a spirit of tolerance and co-existence.

The Paramount Chief Chitimukulu also dismissed claims in some sections of the media suggesting that the Bemba Royal Establishment is against tribes from other parts of Zambia.

“The Royal establishment wants to make it clear to all Zambians that if there is any tribe in the history of this country that sacrificed a lot for our independence are the tonga people. They did not only sacrifice their wealth, over 10,000 heads of cattle were sold to buy air tickets to send Zambian delegation to London to meet the queen to negotiate for independence. Liso Mungoni and nkumbula for ANC surrendered the presidency to KK during the Choma declaration on merit to pave way for independence.

“Bane bushe takwaba abangalemba ko history ya independence yesu for our young generation to know?” The Chief wondered.

“We can’t take away anything from the Tonga people. Tongas have a justified reason to keep the democratic rights of this country in check to ensure their investments in our independence is worthwhile. We must value their contribution. Lets face it, in the history of our country no tribe has been this United for one purpose as the Tonga people. Zambian democracy from Kaunda to Lungu has been kept in check by our Tonga brothers, deny it or accept it.

“We therefore request political parties such as the Patriotic Front to settle their political scores without involving the Bemba people.

“Comments from Chama are uncivilised and can only come from unprogressive minds that want to take us in delirium. Young man, we have come a long way, politicians can’t divide us,

“The clan is nothing more than a larger family, with its patriarchal chief as the natural head, and the union of several clans by intermarriage and voluntary connection constitutes the tribe no politician can break this bond, I have several Tongas married to Bembas and vice versa. Ultimately, we actually all belong to only one tribe, to earthlings.

“There is only one superior tribe in zambia, that’s the Zambian Human race which is blind to province, regionalism or colour,” emphasised the Chitimukulu.

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