Chitotela advises to respect tour operators, he consistent

Chitotela advises to respect tour operators, he consistent

Dear Editor,

We all know the current state of affairs with Hon. Minister Ronald Chitotela, and his lack of accountability and his contradictory statements made on the case of wildlife capturing in Mfuwe, South Luangwa National Park. 

First it was the fault of our previous Minister of Tourism Dr. C. Banda, then the capture was legal according to him as stated in several media and yesterday on Mnkhanya radio the statement was: it was meant for res-tocking other national parks.

If that is the case, then why was the deal, as made by the previous Minister of Tourism, only made with Private Game ranches (which are also performing trophy hunts).(Source: attached).

Can our Hon. Minister be honest for once instead of constantly contradicting himself?  Or doesn’t he take us voters very seriously?

The community Mambwe District is wondering what the real deal is.

Especially since the Hon. Minister Chitotela has also an interest to build a massive 150 bed capacity hotel in Mfuwe :

He states: “And Mr Chitotela announced that the UNWTO has pledged to train tour operators and upcoming tour operators on their operations to meet international standards.

Mr Chitotela reiterated Government’s commitment to open up the northern circuit by introducing tourism packages that will enable visitors visits several sites with ease.”

Is our Hon. Minister claiming that the current tour operators don’t have any international standards? The same tour operators that have ran their lodges here for decennia. Does our Hon. Minister understand that the tour operators in several national parks have already worked together for years and actually already offer such packages he talks about? What can a man with a corruptive background like his say about international standards.

South Luangwa National Park has been awarded the title: First Sustainable National Park in the world by the WWF. The potential has been known for years. And tour operators have ran their businesses here successfully.

Massive hotels with a lot of tourists won’t help the community and wildlife here at all. SLNP has a high number of visitors each year, which is kept at the best possible level not to damage the wildlife and ecosystem. More tourists in the way our Hon. Minister has envisioned will not bring us anything good, since it’s not just about money. It’s about conserving our wildlife and ecosystem as well! But with the current affairs it’s clear our Hon. Minister doesn’t share these interests with us.

So our Hon. Minister wants way more tourists, but he wants to bring them to a park where he himself allows game to be removed from to be relaocated Private Game Ranches. Because according to him, the relocation of animals to these private ranches will help tourism. So why doesn’t our Hon. Minister build hotels next to Game Ranches? All these statements our Hon. Minister makes are completely contradicting.

Also our Hon. Minister has the same plans for Mosi-O-Tunya National Park it seems.


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