Chitotela and $4.5 m toll gate

Chitotela and $4.5 m toll gate

Hi watchdog,

you are the most reliable media. Please post this on my behalf – Minister Chitotela defends that 4.3million dollar Toll Plaza saying it comes with special features? So does this Toll plaza Recharge motorists Cellphones with TT whenever they pass there? Does it offer free beers? Does it offer free fuel for motorists? Or maybe it has special meals for all motorists?
Ala u now loot without shame! Looting and corruption has settled so well in your veins that u nolonger feel ashamed to steal from the little resources u supposed to be buying medicine with for public hospitals, improve water and sanitations, build schools in rural areas where some pupils learn in grass thatched with no roof classrooms, create jobs by coming up with factories times I feel ashamed to say am from Zambia.
First u buy a fire truck which other countries buy for less than 200,000 dollars, u inflate it to 1million dollars, your loot Aid money meant for the poor and u claim its in ZANACO,now u building a plaza which can’t cost even a mere 300,000 dollars ,and u inflate it to 4.3 million dollars and without shame u even name it after a leader who was a PRO POOR? Like seriously! Ala this bu pompwe is what will make u to cling to power like ticks but know that time will come when u will pay for every cent. Look at Late FJT Chiluba, he ruled for 10 years, and yes took change compared to what these PF guys are stealing and he lived a miserable life of going to courts daily and even when he was acquitted, he never lived long to enjoy the little change he was left with.
Bu pompwe has a day! I hope u not partying with the money coz time will come when lawyers will be chewing u money till u finished and later thrown kuma cells. Start even revamping the filthy cells around the country coz one day u will be there,believe me you!

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