Chitotela builds SDA a church

Chitotela builds SDA a church


Corrupt Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela has built this SDA church in Chelstone using stolen money.

Incidentally, even Kapoko used to make huge financial contributions to the Chilenje SDA church using stolen money.

Is the SDA church so desperate for money that they can accept thieves to build the House of God for them?

How much does a minister get per month for him to afford to build a church?

They are even using innocent church youths to salute a thief.

We can understand these Miracle money churches when they accept money from people being investigated by the ACC for corruption but when churches like SDA, Catholic start receiving money from such people we feel sorry for Jesus.

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    hatontola 2 weeks ago

    Ba WD, I would like you to read a story about that Joseph, who donated the tomb for the burial of Jesus. The source of funds does not matter when it comes to the advancement of the word of God. Read also Mark 11, the entire Chapter. What and whose property did he use? Mulebelenga before you show your ignorance

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    Buddy 2 weeks ago

    This article is blasphemous!

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    John Banda 2 weeks ago

    The church dont question whosoever brings money to church. In SDA, members bring offerings, tithes on their own without being reminded of their obligation.

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    Zambiawatchdog is too boring now!!this medium is always about lies.Honestly,how much can that simple church above cost?Even a simple teacher who gets k5000 a month can build such a church.The above church would cost k150 000 or even less.Now how much money does a minister get per month?If you have nothing to blame PF senior officials about,you better just keep quiet badala!!

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    St. Sweet Angus 2 weeks ago

    A church is a very simple structure to build. With already purchased land, one can be built and furnished in just K150,000.

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    Zodwa wabantu 2 weeks ago

    ba watchdog ubufi mulenge, abana bakwa hh! awe sure!!!!

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    citizen 2 weeks ago

    The writer of this article is uninformed aboutout Sda Church.

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    Mr real 2 weeks ago

    Mm mm mm mm ati in Chelstone?big lie,this is in his constituency in muyeba where he was just invited as a guest of hornor.