Chitotela faces arrest

Chitotela faces arrest


President Edgar Lungu is said to have authorised the arrest of Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Ronald Kaoma Chitotela, the Watchdog understands.

This follows the conclusion of investigations of multiple corruption allegations of Chitotela by the Financial Intelligence Centre and the Anti-Corruption Commission( ACC).

At the centre of the allegations is a $4million Chitotela is confirmed to have received from a named chinese firm, whose proceeds he is alleged to have purchased luxury vehicles and up-market properties.

Chitotela is also accused of laundering money through his small and unknown car-hire firm-RKM Car Hire Company.

He is also accused of abuse of office as he bought a government utility vehicle for his wife who was recently promoted as Director at Ministry of Finance.

Zambian Watchdog exclusive.

By doing this, Chitotela jumped the long queue of Ministers and senior government officials waiting for their utility vehicles.

Chitotela might be arrested with the ministry permanent secretary, Charles Mushota.

But Chitotela’s arrest will likely bring out divisive issues that will go to the core of the ruling party.

Those close to Chitotela say he feels that he is being victimised or being brought down, to pave way for Minister of Health, Chitalu Chilufya who is allegedly being groomed for presidency or possible take-over in the event that the Constitutional Court throws out President Edgar Lungu’s third term bid.

Last month, President Lungu confronted Chitotela on the ministers’ line-,up at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport asking him why he was fighting his colleague- Chitalu Chilufya.
And during the cabinet sitting recently, President Lungu asked the duo why they were fighting to be his running mate in 2021.

Chitalu and Chitotela were key in fighting off and isolating former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba and Bahati MP.

Chitalu (MP Mansa Central), and Chitotela (Pambashe) are now engaged in a bitter battle.

Chitotela, like Harry Kalaba claims he is the true or legitimate voice of the PF in Luapula.

He says Chitalu recently came from the MMD and his family hails from Mpika in Muchinga province.

Chitotela is also allegedly accusing state house special assistant for politics, Kaiser Zulu, Minister of Works&Supply, Felix Mutati, and former President Rupiah Banda of being behind his troubles.

But others are blaming Chitotela for flaunting his newly acquired wealth.

A few weeks ago, Chitotela bought his wife a brand new Isuzu from Auction Auto to commemorate their wedding anniversary.

He also held a lavish party in her honour to present the luxury vehicle.
He also boughtb3 NAPSA houses at the Mandevu Complex.

Both Chitotela and Chilufya are embroiled in allegations of acts of massive corruption at their ministries.

A recent forensic audit by Global Health Fund has revealed extensive theft of public funds at the Ministry of Health and Medical Stores with confirmed theft of $1million worth of drugs.

The Audit also revealed that the Ministry frequently procures near or expired drugs worth millions of dollars.

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