Chitotela in another hunting scandal

Chitotela in another  hunting scandal

Chitotela in a $2 million hunting deal with some crooked Bulgarian Mafias.

Recently, government lifted the hunting license which was halted for some time. It was lifted few days ago and made Chitotela activate his corruption.
He has some corrupt Bulgarian businessmen who want to slaughter some Leopards, Elephants and Rhino. He has given them a license to hunt a specific number but in the actual sense they will hunt more animals than what is permitted.

According to an insider, Chitotela is fast mobilising money in preparation for the PF convention. Since his transfer from Ministry of Infrastructure, Chitotela has made no deals because the Ministry of Tourism had no much deals. He was waiting for an opportunity.

However, despite claiming that he will stand down from politics once Edgar Lungu is out of politics, Chitotela i foolish his possible competitors in PF including Chitalu Chilufya and Bwalya Ng’andu.

Chitotela knows that Levy Mwanawasa retired from active politics, including Rupiah Banda but came back. That is the trick he is playing.

A chartered plane landed in North Luangwa National Park with an organized syndicate of Bulgarian Mafias with a cage to load different species of Lions and Pangolins with an aim to sell them on the European and Asian blackmarkets.
Chitotela received $1,896,000 deposit which was paid to his FNB account with details registered in South Africa.

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