Chitotela involved in another $20m corruption

Chitotela involved in another $20m corruption

Another corruption scandal involving PF Infrastructure Minister has been unearthed. This time involving the construction of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, the Watchdog has established.

PF government sources have explained to the Zambian Watchdog that the Scope of work for the construction of the Capital City airport has been reduced but the quantum increased by US 20million. The original designs which were done by Zulu Burrow, Alsphalt Roads and M and M Architects have been altered.

The original designs indicate that the new Airport should have four lounges but the current construction indicates only 3 lounges. Further, the number of the rooms for the yet to be constructed airport hotel have also been reduced. The number of shops for the yet to be constructed shopping mall have also been reduced yet the amount of money the Zambian government has paid China Jianxhi the main contractors has increased from US380million to US400million. ” If the Anti Corruption Commission is serious let them ask for original designs of the Airport and the current construction plan. The Bill of Quantity has been tempered with.

That is not the original plan. We hear even the President is aware of this but offcourse he may have benefited as well,” the source said. People and companies that did the original designs are all around. M and M Architechs is owned by Mr. Mathew Ngulube the current Executive Director of the National Council for Construction.
Mr. Ngulube is also the one Amos Chanda Edgar Lungu’s Spokesperson says paid for musicians who had travelled with Lungu to New York during the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. Alsphalt roads is owned by Joseph Mwewa who is also around and can easily be interviewed.

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