Chitotela, Mumbi send cadres to harm Chifire

Chitotela, Mumbi send cadres to harm Chifire

Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri and disgraced Minister for Infrastructure, Ronald Chitotela have paid and mobilised cadres to hunt down anti-corruption crusader Gregory Chifire who has been ex


posing Chitotela’s corruption activities.

Some of the youths hired told the Watchdog this evening that they had been paid money to harm Chifire and his family. Chitotela told the youths to go and attack Chifire at home in the night.

“We have decided to alert you because we also don’t agree with what these our senior people are doing. PF was a pro poor party but now people in leadership are engaging in corruption,” said one youth who sought anonymity.

The youths however revealed that they would stand by Chifire instead.

Chifire has exposed Chitotela’s corruption at the Road Development Agency where he forced the agency to buy him expensive, luxurious vehicles when he is not entitled.

Two RDA directors were fired for refusing to be part of this corruption.

Chitotela earlier threatened to sue Chifire but appears to have grown cold feet after Chifire welcomed the court action.

Chitotela has therefore resorted to what PF does best: violence.

This is not the first time Chitotela is indulging in corruption.
On 16 December 2013, then president Michael sata fired Ronald Chitotela and Rogers Mwewa as Deputy Ministers of Labour and Agriculture respectively.
Speaking during a meeting with Cabinet Ministers and all Patriotic Front(PF) Members of Parliament at State House on that day, Sata said he could not have deputy ministers working in government when they were being investigated over corrupt activities.
But when Edgar Lungu became president, he dropped the ACC investigations and instead promoted corrupt Chitotela to cabinet minister.

Please call Chitotela on his number 0977-880256 and ask him why he is sending cadres to harm an innocent man who is only doing his duties as a responsible citizen.

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