Chitotela panics, sends Seer1 money

Chitotela panics, sends Seer1 money


*Seer1’s page has been brought down

Tourism Minister Ronald Chitotela has dispatched his henchman and PF cadre Chanoda Ngwira to deliver some US Doll to SEER 1 so that he is not named on Sunday as one of those that benefited from the “Papa’s” powers.

Ngwira leaves today  according to sources close to both Chitotela and Ngwira.
“Yesterday he (Ngwira) escorted his boss to Mansa by Mahogany Air and returned to Lusaka the same day with the same flight,” revealed a close relation.

“His boss is very worried about Seer’s revelations. To close Seer 1’s mouth, Chitotela has given Chanoda dollars  so that his name is not mentioned,”
Chitotela is also reportedly in Luapula to see his “Doctors”.

SEER 1 is due to expose all PF ministers and officials who collected power from.him this Sunday.

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