Chitotela says he has no presidential ambitions

Chitotela says he has no presidential ambitions

Chitotela says he ha  no presidential ambitions, and if President Edgar Lungu won’t stand for election as president again, then he Chitotela is out as well  stand.

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    Bwamba 2 weeks ago

    Criss Manda,

    So for you its ok to have both a president and a vice president from the Northern of Zambia and you think that is an inclusive government? What makes you think Chitalu Chilufya with all his corruption and other cases is attractive to vote for? Do you know how vindictive and a bully the chilufya you are talking about in his ministry of health.

    Let me now open your eyes and show you that there are quality and dignified and marketable people without a dent within President Lungu’s cabinet who have not just been given a chance to become MCC but are true assets to our country.

    Have you ever thought of these clean and marketable ministers for you to think its only Chitalu Chilufya and KBF?

    1. Hon Dr. Brian Mushimba (BSC, MSC, MBA, PhD)
    2. Hon Dr. Edify Hamukale (BSC, MSC, MBA, DBA, PhD)
    3. Hon Richard Kapita (BSC, MSC)
    4. Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya (ACCA, MBA)

    Come one be real, There are people out there who are quality but have never just been given a chance like Chilufya to be MCC. Level the playing field first then compare fairly.

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      Criss manda 2 weeks ago

      Banda Banda , 
      Seriously you are comparing the likes of kapita , Brian , kafwaya and them seriously ??? Come on i challenge you throw them on the board and let’s see who is more of a crowd puller then the other ,, 
      DOC CC and KBF is a winging team my Brother ,, 
      It’s not always necessary that both number 1 and 2 should be from different places ,, By the way when you talk of corruption I think you need to do more reading and fact finding in life , DOC CC has never been a bully at he’s ministry never , I think this will be evidenced by the health team , what he does is he does not tolerate shit not even from Cabinet colleagues , and KBF is a charmer and a turner of things , don’t give us these brain and kafwaya and the likes , let’s put a test to it on PF blogs and then come and talk 

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      Bwamba 2 weeks ago

      Criss Manda,

      You are stereotyped, prejudiced and narrow minded in your understanding of a country and governance.
      Cast your narrow eye one more time on those names. Who expected president Lungu to take over from Sata? That time no one would even mention his name. It was kambwili, simusa, kabimba, mulenga sata, miles sampa etc and no one mentioned Lungu because of people with shallow eyes like yourself.

      Chilufya is not a leader forget. He pays journalists for publicity. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. he does not have a leader’s heart. all he thinks of is looting the national treasury and vengeance.

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    We should start to look for quality in leadership at every level. I do get irritated when those that have nothing to offer get exited when they are pampered by a village witch doctor and they start thinking that they could be President of Zambia.

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    Criss manda 2 weeks ago

    Dear editor with all due respect kindly publish this and withhold any form of ID that would be associated with this information.

    The battle for leadership in PF .

    All protocols observed H.E ECL ,
    Without any malice and hatred for anyone in the government , its high time we now align our selves to the torch bearer for PF in 2021 .
    Mr President as you are aware of the bombardments on media of different nature and ills against the party and its leadership from within the ranks of the PF is very saddening and disheartening,
    Said that the in fighting is not by any persons from a far fetched circle of your people ,rather it’s the selected cabinet members that are dinning and sharing light moments with you who are un educated and just there for seasonal roller coaster ride and there after leave you all by your self .
    Your Exellency Mr president the time is now for us to be introduced to the flag bearer from 2021 , let us all be given the honor that we are introduced to the man that shall save our Mighty PF and close ranks within the party and unify it to the core and grass roots.
    There are members within your elite circles who are not of any good to you who have also blocked access to you who are holding on to multiple positions and have no heart at all for the better of the party or its values.
    The are the same people who shall be celebrating GOD forbid your downfall and they are the same peopel who amongst there own disown you with a passion .
    Mr president you are the father of the nation and you are the one who can bring in unity to PF and the people will rally behind you CONSIDERING YOU MAKE THE BOLD MOVE OF NOT FEARING ANYONE FROM YOUR CIRCLE , So long you make the masses happy they are all yours,
    Mr president those who are also controlling the ojmp price of the fuels should also be distanced from you .
    They are in bed today with you but incase PF doesn’t make it through in 2021 they will shift camps and be in bed with the new ruling party history has proved that mr president its high time you put your foot down to show Zambia that you are indeed a true patriot and son of this great nation ,leave history written all over the walls of the cities of Zambia to the silent jungles of our great beloved country.
    I ask all country man and women to rally behind our gallant son of the soil our beloved president of this great nation.
    Mr president as a rookie journalist here are my thoughts .
    PF presidential candidate. Doc chitalu .c
    PF vice presidential candidate. KBF
    Kbf should not be made the torch bearer for now as he needs a 5 years to get to know the know hows , there after 5 years mantle can be passed to him, and he has the ability to unite the PF at large, for DOC CHITALU he has shown true characteristics of a matured well composed articulative man and the only one in the circles of PF who is educated and has a sense that will unite us all .
    For kbf the man is truly a PF die hard and is well rooted to the grass roots and a fantastic organiser with excellent abilities to perform and steer our nation together with DOC chitalu into a new horizon for Zambia .
    These are just my thoughts and I would also love to see the comments of the people based on this article of mine as a layman .
    I thank you .

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    Mwalibemba 2 weeks ago

    You can’t even be a minister forget even saying ambitions of the highest office , you have just been made a minister by ECL even tho you are just a cadre , and stop interfering within the party by conniving with the S.C miti and the gang by trying to put down your own man from the party , 
    You have tried and tried to have some ministers to be fired by writing So bad about them to the media and ECL .
    You have to be disciplined together with Simon Miti and the gang
    BA HE ECL just give us our mandate to fix these guys who are bringing this type of cofusion in the party we shall sort them 

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      Roselyn 2 weeks ago

      ** mwalibemba @
      Just disclose the information to us the die hard PF members we shall sort them even before the head of state instructs 
      We want to make sure we win 2021 we don’t want these following people in the party who bring there foolishness and stupidity 
      They should not even be adopted or if they are they should not be apointed ministers no more 

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    Goddard 2 weeks ago

    Good ridance