Chitotela sells 3 crocodiles from Kafubu river

Chitotela sells 3 crocodiles from Kafubu river

Serial corrupt bandit Chitotela also sold three crocodiles from Kafubu river

Hello ba Watchdog this corrupt Minister of Tourism and Arts Ronald Chitotela did not end at stealing and selling a hippo, he has even captured and sold three crocodiles.

The same Chinese syndicates who bought a hippo were also given a permit to hunt for and capture three crocodiles from Kafubu river.

Mr Chitotela has brought so much confusion in ministry of tourism such that animals are being auctioned to crooks every single day using very filmsy grounds.

Like the crocodiles only one has been killing people but Mr chitotela sees it fit to capture two more. We know the drill. The crocodiles are a high demand for the Chinese who extract from them oil, meat, teeth which they sale on the black market where manufacturers of medicine pay high prices.

There is a rare skin disease which the Chinese are struggling with and can be cured by crocodiles oil. It’s called pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE).Its a type of rare hereditary disease that affects connective tissues and is endemic among Chinese nationals.

These Chinese mafias are set to capture a consignment of 15,000 crocodiles which will be slaughtered and packaged and shipped to China. Thief Chitotela is selling one crocodile for $4000.

Plz hide my ID, I work for ministry of tourism in ndola.

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