Chitotela suspends abduction of wildlife

Chitotela suspends abduction of wildlife


Ronald Chitotela Kaoma, Minister of Tourism and Arts writes:


I have today October 2nd, 2019, SUSPENDED with immediate effect the CAPTURING and TRANSLOCATION of live game from National Parks into Game Ranches.

This among other reasons is to allow me and the Permanent Secretary who are new, to acquaint ourselves with the programs that our predecessors may have left in the pipeline…

RKC – Minister of Tourism and Arts

ZWD comment:  for once brother Chitotela you have acted with wisdom and in national interest. We don’t hate you as a person. We just want you to do the right things on behalf of the country.

But make no mistake: we are watching you. Hopefully after acquainting yourself, you will make decisions in national interest. Your predecessors were acting in the interests of their big bellies when selling our wildlife cheaply to greedy foreigners.

If you have to sell even one animal from our national parks, Make sure we get value for  money; and that, that money goes to the national treasury. That is our only interest.

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    I wonder, why sell wild animals? what is the problem of this state? why take away a “heritage of humanity” from its natural environment? if it is a political move it is a mistake, one should not take as an example the Zimb that sells its elephant calves to China, it is a poison for everyone. Nature is perfect in its eco-system, and the right compromise must not be destroyed by man.

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    Sense at very long last. As I wrote recently:

    The wildlife killing fields

    The big game of Zambia – the game ranches and Liuwa Plain National Park apart – have since 1973 been massively poached. According to the Lindsey et al report in 2014, the biomass of large mammals in the national parks were at 25.9% of carrying capacity, in GMAs 6.3% – (the Lupande Game Management Area (GMA), long touted as a fine safari-hunting area and in receipt of donor funding, 11%). Across the river from the Lupande the glorious South Luangwa National Park recorded a dismal 16%, the Kafue National Park 29%, and Lower Zambezi National Park 23%. This at a time when the 5,000 km2 of private game ranches recorded 10.5 head per km2 – as opposed to the 2.7 of parks, and the 1.1 of GMAs.

    Five years later, in 2018, it is likely that big game numbers have further decreased. In the flagship national parks such as Luangwa, Kafue and Lower Zambezi, the tourists will still be shown the human-habituated game, but the GMAs of customary area where the hunting-safaris operate are now reduced to antelope and buffalo hunts; with elephant (non-trophy), lion and leopard an irresponsible, uncaring, and unscientific addition. Recent research reveals that the genetic diversity of lion is now 15% less than what it was 100 years ago, their ability to deal with the changes being wrought by global warming and human population increase, considerably reduced. It is time for lion, leopard, elephant, hippo, and eland to be totally protected.