Chitotela takes Corruption to housing schemes

Chitotela takes Corruption to housing schemes


Dear Hon Ronald Chitotela,

I have noted with utter dismay that from a road where you have committed Zambians to spend $1.2billion, you have extended your large-scale theft and plunder of national resources to a housing scheme for civil servants.

From your own official announcement, you intend to build 5,000 housing units for Civil Servants at a cost of $600 million dollars.

This means that each low-cost house for a civil servant, will cost a whopping $120,000.00(K1.2m)

My question is?
Would you kindly disclose where this money is coming from,who is your partner?(although we know that you intend to get another project loan from China with a known Chinese company with links to you).

Which civil servant will afford to pay for these houses even if it means forfeiting their housing allowances , how many years will each take to repay?

How will you and your partners recover your profits, because I am sure the partner is not in this for charity?

secondly did you and anyone in govt look at the below options?

-Wasn’t NHA equal to the task?
-We have cement and sands
-Roofing sheets are made in Zambia
-The army has a construction unit
-And an engineering regiment
-We have ZNS too

Those houses can be built using local partners to finance at 4 times less the cost?.

To civil servants, tell your unions to reject this and do not aid or abet crime and corruption.

Legal and statutory institutions such as National Housing Authority (NHA) Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS) should be funded to give us affordable mortgages to build our own houses.

Supporting Chitotela in his corrupt schemes would be to help him implicate civil servants in his ambitious wide plunder of national resources.

Steward Chileya

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