Chitotela’s mansions and cash bribes

Chitotela’s mansions and cash bribes


In December 2013, then President Micheal C.Sata fired Ronald Kaoma Chitotela as Deputy of Labour on the grounds that ACC were investigating him.With the passing of Michael Sata, the case went stale.

Chitotela was last week summoned by ACC to answer questions on his enormous fleet of cars,his purchase of a motel in Mwansabombwe for K800,000.00.The Motel was owned by Maybin Mubanga.

It has now emerged that a Chinese contractor recently purchased a house for Hon Ronald Chitotela for K2,500,000.00 Cash in Lusaka’s MAKENI Bonaventure Area.The shrewd Chinese contractor made a transfer into the account of the seller a retired nurse Mrs Mary K. Lubinga for audit trail and as a sure way to blackmail the Minister.

Someone should have Warned Chitotela that when the Presidency decides to cleanse itself,it’s the lesser and insignificant elements like him and Lusambo they pick on by default.Kaizer will unleash dossier after dossier of your misdeed!!

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