Chituwo links rights to AIDS fight



Government says the protection and observance of human rights in the country is key to  successfully combat HIV/AIDS.

Speaking this morning when he officiated at this year’s commemoration of the World AIDS Day, under the Theme,” Universal Access to HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support is a Human Right” ,acting Health minister, Dr Brian Chituwo pointed out that the protection of human rights of people infected with the virus is a positive public health attitude that should be upheld.

Dr Chituwo says the impact of HIV thrives on how a nation upholds the human rights and protects those infected with HIV.

And speaking earlier at US ambassador to Zambia, Donald Booth called for personal responsibility from every individual in the fight against HIV.

Mr. Booth says any decision made today by every individual has a great bearing on how tomorrow turns out.
He has also called for strong leadership in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

And UN resident Coordinator, Mcleod Nyirongo has observed that despite the six fold increase in financing towards HIV programs in low and middle income countries between 2001 to 2007, attainment of universal access to HIV treatment still remains far fetched.

Mr Nyirongo notes that there is no room for complacency in the fight against HIV/AIDS because the disease has remained one of the leading killer diseases in African as well as in Zambia.


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