Chizyuka is anti-Bemba, paid to disrupt pact – HH

ROBBIE Chizyuka is anti-Bemba and a hired gun paid by the MMD to disrupt the pact, United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged.

Responding to Namwala member of parliament Major Chizyuka’s attacks on his personal character and leadership, Hichilema said Maj Chizyuka had allowed himself to be bought for thirty pieces of silver.

According to the Post, Hichilema said “I’m sure that even you as journalists you have been following the behaviour of Chizyuka, especially of late. Ever since the UPND went into a pact with the Patriotic Front, the man has never been happy. My understanding is that in a democracy the majority win. And since the UPND leadership made a decision to seal a pact with the PF, he should respect that majority decision,” Hichilema said. “Now in case you don’t know Chizyuka well my brother, he is anti-Bemba. Those of us who are close to him know that very well and he can’t deny it. The fact that Hakainde and Sata responded to a call by Zambians that they should make a pact, Chizyuka was not happy. All other reasons he is giving for not supporting the pact are fake. The real issue is that he is anti-Bemba and he can’t deny it because we know him. Rupiah Banda and the MMD have paid him to discredit the pact just because they know that it has become a real threat to their hold on power. He has betrayed the people of Namwala for over 30 pieces of silver.”

Hichilema said Maj Chizyuka’s character had caught up with him as evidenced by his outbursts.

“I cannot argue much about his attacks on my character because people know the two of us and they will judge who is a lunatic. Chizyuka has been inviting almost everyone to a physical fight just because of his militarism. In fact he is lucky that he has survived in the UPND up to this time because he likes physical fights. We know that he has been busy with some disgruntled fellows trying to disturb the pact. This is evidenced by the characters he was with at that press briefing. Those are the same characters who were trying to kill the PF, and now Chizyuka has found solace in them. Anyway, they are of the same character and the past has caught up with Chizyuka,” Hichilema said.

He said Maj Chizyuka had a limited mind, which could not allow him to reason properly.

“First of all, tell him that right now I’m in Namwala where he claims to be popular. And the people here are disgusted with his behaviour. If he thinks he is that popular as he claims let him resign so that we see who is popular in Namwala between him and the UPND. He is eating his own vomit, he vomited stinking stuff and now he’s been forced to eat it,” Hichilema said. “His brain is limited, it’s a gift God didn’t give him. His brain is so small that he can’t understand the meaning of democracy. He thinks people should always go by his decisions. Democracy is not meant for lunatic soldiers like Chizyuka who thinks everything is about war. What the UPND and PF have done is what every Zambian was asking us to do. So if he doesn’t agree with Zambians, let him resign and enjoy what he has been paid by the MMD.”

Hichilema said Maj Chizyuka was behaving like a foolish man who goes to disturb bees at midday.

“We know that in every family there will be lunatics like Chizyuka. We have invited several people into the UPND. Chizyuka doesn’t even know that Patrick Chisanga came to our offices and we talked as brothers; this is how it should be. Chizyuka is like a foolish man who goes to a beehive at 12:00 hours and pokes a stick into the beehive. Now the bees in that beehive get offended, they come out and sting that foolish man. Then the foolish man starts complaining, knowing too well that he had started the fight,” Hichilema said. “The bees will always protect their honey and they will sting him [foolish man]. Equally, the UPND-PF pact will always protect the interests of Zambians. The pact is not about Hakainde Hichilema or Michael Sata. It’s also not for indisciplined people like Chizyuka, it’s for Zambians who want an alternative government. Zambians are tired of MMD corruption and they want an alternative to that. So tell Chizyuka that he will not enjoy his MMD loot and parliamentary benefits for too long because the people of Namwala who sent him to Parliament are disgusted with him.”

On Tuesday, Maj Chizyuka accused Hichilema of tearing the UPND apart due to his poor leadership style.

Hichilema also claimed that the PF-UPND pact would not s

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