Chizyuka’s press conference violently disrupted

Sata and HH

Sata and HH

Cadres who said they are members of the UPND/PF pact from Kanyama constituency this morning violently, but temporarily, disrupted a press conference by Namwala MP Robbie Chizyuka.
The cadres broke plastic chairs where reporters were seated and beat up Major Chizyuka’ supporters before police arrived.

Major Chizyuka was forced to jump a wall fence into the next building.
The meeting was at ZAMCOM lodge in Lusaka. Chizyuka had mobilized some UPND party members from his constituency who came to give solidarity to him.
Before he could begin the conference, Chizyuka joined his Namwala colleagues in traditional dance called Kukwenzya , which is done by wielding spears as if in fight.
Just when Chizyuka and his co-dancers were about to sit down, about 20 cadres arrived.
They went straight for the banners which had writings denouncing UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and tore them. They then went for the Ila dancers who saw danger and fled. They chased them and grabbed their spears while others went to the side where journalists were seated and ordered them to leave.
Journalist fled in panic as cadres broke up the plastic chairs before heaping them up.
The cadres then used the spears and drum they grabbed and started dancing. Majopr Chizyuka had upon seeing the cadres jumped into the next building literally jumping tall wall fence.
The cadres then started talking to journalists saying they are not here to beat up journalists but wanted the press conference not to take place.
As the cadres were addressing journalists, a few unarmed police officers arrived on the scene prompting cadres to take off. Two or three cadres were arrested.
Chizyuka later returned from the next building and managed to deliver his statement.
He began by saying that journalists have just witnessed the level of violence and barbarism in the UPND and PF.
He said he was worried that is such behaviuor can be exhibited by people in the opposition, he shudders to think what such thugs would do if allowed to control the police and the army.

Chizyuka then told reporters that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema did not consult his party including MPs on the pact with PF.

He said to him, HH had represented the type of young and vibrant leader that the country needed.

He said that was in the past and that he is surprised that HH was fighting him when he wanted to make him president.

He said that HH appears to be hoodwinking the UPND that he is seriously contending to be UPND-PF pact president when it is likely that he has settled for the vice presidency.

He said he has never issued any disparaging remarks against PF leader Michael Sata but maintained that Sata is a tribalist.

He said all the allegations leveled against him will require a witch finder or prophet to decipher.

Chizyuka charged that the UPND will continue to move into oblivion as long as the party leadership does not clear with the PF on who will lead the pact into the 2011 elections.
He said there are strong glaring disparities between the administration of the two parties and that as long as the issue of the presidential candidate for the 2011 elections is not cleared, UPND will continue deteriorating.
Major Chizyuka further accused UPND party leader, Hakainde Hichilema of being irresponsible and unaccountable to his party members.
He further accused Mr Hichilema of tearing the party by ejecting credible and intelligent people from the party.
He added that Hichilema’s conduct, his pronouncements and insults to elders such as President Rupiah Banda is alien to the UPND as a party, to the Zambian culture and the Tonga tradition as a tribe he belongs to.

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